Hanaa is a passionate and gifted healer. She, herself, has suffered many illnesses and has been seen by a multitude of doctors all suggesting surgery and/or strong medication. Knowing that there had to be an alternative, Hanaa began researching different therapies and experimenting on herself. When she succeeded in healing herself, passion was ignited and she knew she had found her true calling. She began to further educate and certify herself in the very same therapies that healed her. Hanaa is a life coach, hypnotherapist, NLP  practitioner and instructor, Reiki master teacher as well as a medical aesthetician.





In March 2017, after recently retiring, I came to Hanaa as I wanted  to have a holistic "re-set" to commence the new phase of my life. I had chronic neck/back issues causing pain and restricted mobility. I also had low energy. Hanaa intuitively implemented a successful treatment plan which met my needs.


Through su-jok, reiki, energy treatments and other natural remedies, I am experiencing great improvement with my pain management, mobility, energy level and overall wellness


Hanaa is a gifted healer. She is authentic and I am so grateful to have found her.




Lee Anne D.

Orleans, Ontario





Listen to Helen's amazing results:



















Orleans, Ontario






Hanaa is a certified

Life Coach

NLP  Practitioner/Instructor

Reiki Master Teacher


Medical Aesthetician

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